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Why rent office space in Sai Kung

Sai Kung is in the first place a growing town in Hong Kong and one of the most extensive districts. Besides the area includes more than 70 islands together with a booming industrial town Tseung Kwan O. Moreover before the relocation of Hong Kong’s airport to check Lap Kok, Sai Kung was a major accommodation spot for the airport staff all over the world.

The name “Sai Kung” comes from the times of the Ming Dynasty its title means “tribute received from the West.” About a hundred years ago Sai Kung Town emerged as the area rich harvest and fishing opportunities. Nowadays Sai Kung is a prominent commercial, cultural and social hub of Hong Kong. Furthermore, the area also bears the title of  “Hong Kong’s Black and Leisure Garden” due to ancient volcano homed is the transglobal Geopark. Despite rapid urbanization, the rural areas of the town have saved its natural beauty. In addition, Sai Kungattracts expats by its quiet living temp. Besides the area boasts its splendid mountain landscapes and sea views. Nowadays SaiKung includes vast real-estate options ranged from the cozy rural low-rises to the modern townhouses. The main transportation modes in the town include large and small-sized bus network and taxi service.

City life

Sai Kung Town attracts gourmands by numerous restaurants with seafood dishes. Thereupon, major amenities in the town include supermarket stores, boutique shops, clinics, drugstores, governmental offices. In addition, Sai Kung is a core center for water sports, mountain climbing, nature trails hiking. Simultaneously, fishing is popular activity especially catching cuttle-fish. Besides, golf is a favorite sport. Furthermore, SaiKung arranges the primary public golf training in Hong Kong. At the same time, Sai Kung is among the best of Hong Kong's scuba diving spots. Likewise, the town provides vast boats and yachts for rent. There is a unique opportunity to pay a visit to Sai Kung’s Astro park and enjoy stargazing. Also, the district includesVolcanic Geopark which is the part of UNESCO heritage.

Office lease in Sai Kung District

With the help of the governmental construction project, several modern complexes and commercial properties have been built in Sai Kung region. According to the new initiative, the government will relocate public offices from Wan Chai to Sai Kung precincts especially to Tseung Kwan O town. Tseung Kwan O is the seventh major area in Hong Kong. The prominent hub of the town Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate. The leading tenant of this complex is Television Broadcasts Limited which broadcasts TVstation Jade in Cantonese language and TVB Pearl in English. Hong Kong attracts vast businesses from start-ups to multinationals. Therefore renting a workplace in Sai Kung District provides a splendid opportunity to collaborate on the Asian business market.

Investment projects

Due to the Sai Kung’s regulatory initiatives, numerous investment projects have been launched. First of all, the transport project included reconstruction of the bus routes and bicycle lane creation. Moreover, Hiram Highway of the District has been improved together with the tourist hiking trails development. According to the Pier Improvement Programme, a vast number of public piers will be restored in order to promote green tourism in the District. In addition, the government is planning towns seafront renovation.

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