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Business centers of Causeway Bay - what to choose?

There are hundreds of building and towers in this comparatively small area. Regardless of which one you choose, you get the world-class service in your office space. Multi-level parking areas, secured entrances, food delivery, and 24/7 front desks are just the beginning.

High land price has resulted in the high efficiency of every square ft. Business centers of Causeway Bay have, probably, as many flexible office spaces, as the none anther business district in the world. You can rent conference halls, meeting rooms and all facilities for presentations, negotiations, and spending of the free time part-time. That reduces the expenditures sharply and make doing business in Hong Kong more efficient.

The transportation system

With the MRT (like a metro), which has several stations in this are, tram routes, which go from the city center to the suburbs, buses, which operate according to a clear and precise schedule and two types of mini-buses (yellow and green ones), the Causeway Bay is well connected to the rest of Hong Kong.

While public transportation carries millions of passengers throughout the city, the Hong Kong international airport helps to keep connected with the rest of the world. WIth 74 airlines and 156 destinations served, this airport carries over 70 millions of passengers every year. Notice, that most of those travelers have business trips - an ultimate opportunity to grow the business in such a fast-moving region.

Starting a business in Hong Kong

Don’t forget that Hong Kong has been a British territory until 1997. And many aspects of western culture keep affecting the business. That’s why both American and European entrepreneurs feel positive about dealings with their Hong Kong-based colleagues.

Furthermore, many people from the EU and the US permanently live in HK to do business in Asia. And many of them prefer to rent office spaces in the Causeway Bay district. They enjoy high-class service, comfortable environment, and neighborhood with the Fortune-500 corporations which also have branches and headquarters in Causeway Bay.

Join the entrepreneurs who start to benefit from having the office space in one of the business centers in Causeway Bay - check the options we offer you on our website!

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