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Why rent office space in Sheung Wan

Sheung Wan is a prominent hub of Hong Kong Island. As an administration item, the area belongs to the Western and Central regions of the Island. The name “Sheung Wan” can be translated as the “Gateway District” as this area was the first spot of the island invaded by British in the 19th century. Consequently, that was the start of industrial development of Sheung Wan. From the middle of the 19th century, Hong Kong was the major area for the numerous Chinese expats leaving the country for Australia and America to trade gold. Thereupon Sheung Wan became the center of financial activity.  As a result, over a century SheungWan has been transformed into the leading commercial center with the rising industrial sector.

Office lease in business centers of  Sheung Wan

The proximity to the central commercial area of the Island makesSheung Wan convenient business location. Besides this industrial district is appropriately linked with all transport modes. There are vast office space options in the numerous business centers of this area. Serviced offices in the business complexes are leased by retail and manufacturing companies, shipping enterprises, banking institutions, media groups, financial businesses. Fully-equipped and tailor-made business complexes of various sizes provide virtual offices, conference rooms, secretarial services, and IT-support. In addition,  renters can be pleased with the flexible lease terms. Among the tenants headquartering in Sheung Wan are such companies as BDO, Easy ship, Ageas, A.S. Watson Group, Ipreo, BOCI, Asia City Media Group etc.

Transport modes and accommodation

Sheung Wan attracts visitors with a unique architectural mix of ancient traditional markets and vast restaurants and cafes. All areas of the district are easily accessible by the subway, bus, and tram network. Besides the district is properly tied with international Aerodrome of Hong Kong by the Airport Express line. To add more, Sheung Wan is linked with the Macau distance by the ferry console. Sheung Wan provides diverse accommodation opportunities. Convenient boutique hotels and modernly designed accommodations are placed in a few steps from the transport amenities.

Leisure time

The district is rich in historical landmarks and objects. If taking a walk to the Chinese Medicine Street the one will discover numerous shops selling ancient Chinese herbal prescriptions. Thereupon the Street of dried seafood provides a variety of rare dried seafood items. Similarly, antique boutiques selling diverse jewelry, pottery items and ornaments are located all over theAntique Street. Moreover, the ancient Western market highlights the British influence on Hong Kong’s architecture. Grocery stores are mostly located throughout Graham Street. Among the prominent landmarks of the district is Man Mo Temple. There is a variety of traditional furniture made of wood, unique statues and altars. Meanwhile, the Museum of Medical Sciences highlights the medical facts from the history of Hong Kong together with vast documents and medical equipment. In addition, several art galleries of Sheung Wan are worth visiting.

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