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Jakob Dalhoff
CEO, MatchOffice

“Today we are collaborating with approx. 2,500 property owners, real estate companies and flexible workspaces throughout the world. Since 2009, we have had the pleasure of helping over 2,000 tenants every year to find leases for the benefit of our landlords.”

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FAQs before signing up

We work on a No Cure No Pay basis, which means you do not pay us until our lead becomes your client. The full Terms & Conditions are there for you to scrutinize after choosing the preferred payment model. Go to and click the green “terms of service” button right below the registration form.
Our commission is 12.5%. Nonetheless, those are only the first 12 months of your cooperation with the tenant that the commission payment is applicable to. Furthermore, you can be listed in all categories (business centre, office, coworking, meeting room, and virtual office) and yet pay the commission only when our lead signs a deal with you.
It means that we will be charging the 12.5% commission only during the first 12 months of your cooperation with the tenant. If a client prefers renting out your workspace on a monthly basis, we will be sending an invoice once every three months.
In fact, our business model is quite similar to other rental websites. However, we target both international and local markets, simultaneously featuring an international platform and local websites in 19 countries, including Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, and Ukraine.
We never charge our landlords for what is rightfully theirs. In this situation, you pay no commission, yet, we would politely request to send us a corresponding notification.
Accepting our terms of service when signing up on our platform should suffice.
Of course! Terminating cooperation with us won’t take you anything else but a notice sent one day in advance of actual termination.
All your locations will be registered under one account, making it easier for you to manage them. Therefore, any employee you share the login and password with is eligible to operate your MatchOffice account.
After registering your profile, click the “Create new lease” button, highlighted in orange.
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