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MatchOffice is one of the leading players in the commercial property lease market in the world. We are an independent portal that collects all business centres in one place, making it easier for potential tenants to find their future office spaces for rent. We cooperate with major commercial centres in Hong Kong.

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About us Danish team

Our office in Denmark

About us Ukrainian team

Our office in Ukraine


This video gives you an insight into MatchOffice company and our services.

Client satisfaction is a top priority for MatchOffice, and we do our best every day to offer you first-class services. We offer flexible office solutions in a wide range of office centres. Renting office space in a business centre or coworking boosts productivity, saves costs and allows you to focus on what is important.

Please call us at +852 2824 8515 , or write an email to info@matchoffice.com to receive more detailed information. We are looking forward to hearing from you and will gladly help to find the option that suits your specific needs.

Pictures of our offices

MatchOffice is headquartered in central Copenhagen, Denmark. In October 2020 we moved into a newly renovated business center and we take advantage of the inspiring work environment.

As our Ukrainian team has tripled in size over the last year, we moved to a new loft-style office. It used to be a kinescope factory, and we have this cute old-fashioned TV set as a reminder of its fascinating history. The focus of the design project was to create home-like environment, light, airy and functional.

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The Ukrainian office
The Ukrainian office
The Ukrainian office
The Ukrainian office
The Danish office
The Danish office
The Danish office
The Danish office
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