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February 2023
Feb 28

How the company and your work life will achieve hybrid success

A year after the latest covid lockdowns, companies are busy focusing on creating flexibility and totality in their office environments to make it meaningful and attractive for employees to leave the home office and enter their new hybrid workplace. Read more

Feb 28

Work trend 23: Employees eager to return, work and thrive in their offices again

In the post-covid year 2022, employees began to return to their offices in significant numbers - some of the time. In 2023, office workers will long eagerly to normalise their working life and cohesion with their colleagues' experts predict. Read more

December 2022
Dec 06

Four-day week at the office can elevate your workforce and job satisfaction

On top of the covid chapters, office companies and employees continue to orient themselves - following experiments with promising results - towards the 4-day work week, which HR experts predict could be the norm by 2030. Read more

September 2022
Sep 01

Workflow status: How is your new hybrid workday working

A year after the first employees, after the covid lockdowns again began returning to their office workspaces, a clear picture emerges of how most global companies have succeeded with their new hybrid workdays. Read more

May 2022
May 31

MatchOffice provides free coworking facilities to Ukrainian refugees

The international commercial real estate portal based in Lviv in Western Ukraine did succeed in concluding agreements with many of their space providers in Europe and the USA, offering free coworking to Ukrainians fleeing the war in their country. Read more

February 2022
Feb 28

Numerous office employees will insist on homework after the pandemic

Numerous studies point to the consensus that thousands of global office workers will insist on continuing to work from home when the pandemic and its restrictions once again ease off the global labour market. Read more

December 2021
Dec 06

Flexible workspace market: The future of the industry

What’s the point of the flexible office in general? How is the industry going to change in case there will be any changes at all? At least for now, it seems like a vivid fact that spending all the working time in the office and committing to the regular working schedules is already in the past. Read more

Dec 01

The turnaround of serviced office: From victim to the victor of post-pandemic CRE market

In the spring of 2020, thousands of depopulated coworking and serviced office spaces feared that they would have to turn the key - after the pandemic, they can now present a record-high approach and refilled premises, the annual MatchOffice Client Survey shows. Read more

June 2021
Jun 16

Office providers remobilize: Corona has changed the workflows of office forever

Global office providers realize that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the workflow of office for time and eternity. According to the MatchOffice Industry Survey 21, companies' emergency solutions during last year have now developed into new work practices. Read more

Jun 15

Post-corona hot deal for many office workers: Work from home - permanently

The business world is reopening, but many well-known global office companies consider giving employees the free choice to be working at home permanently - several of them even make WFH mandatory. Read more

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