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On the roof of an office building at Østerbro in Denmark, more than 100 tons of land are arranged in long garden beds. This initiative is part of the ØsterGro project, which aims to combine urban and rural environments. MatchOffice sponsors four beehives, a greenhouse and a compost container.

The Danish Schlerosis

The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society

Sclerosis is a terrible disease, and it is hard for relatives to see their loved ones suffer. At MatchOffice we support the Danish Sclerosis Society because we believe it is important to support people who need an extra hand in a hard time. logo

The Norwegian Cancer Society

MatchOffice wishes to participate in the fight against cancer and therefore supports the work of the Norwegian Cancer Society. Through our contribution, we help the Cancer Society's solid efforts to fight this disease, which ensures the researchers get new crucial knowledge.

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