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Why rent serviced offices in Admiralty?

Several Fortune-500 corporations, numerous ministries, and countless square feet of office space - the heartbeat paces when you drive through high rises of Admiralty district. It has been inspiring business owners to create new ventures, beat competitors, achieve goals and become the number one. And it continues to do so. Having an office in one of the business centers in Admiralty district is the demonstration of power, financial stability, and success.

What should every entrepreneur take into consideration when deciding to open the office in Admiralty, Hong Kong? Is it worthy to pay fees for being located in the very center of Hong Kong?

Business centers of Admiralty - expensive, but worth it

The land in Hong Kong is expensive. And the land price in Admiralty is one of the highest in HK. Companies, which have their offices in one of the business centers of Admiralty, benefit from two things: the reputation of successful ventures, which can afford being located in the very heart of Hong Kong, and level of comfort, provided by the business centers and the location in general.

ing based in Admiralty is the trust-factor for your customers, investors, and partners. Your neighbors would be Fortune-500 companies, which have offices in buildings right next to yours. Furthermore, business centers of Admiralty provide an ultimate level of service. And they also think about saving your money. For example, you can use a flexible workplace with a package of additional services. It means that you can rent conference halls, meeting rooms, parking slots, and different other facilities exactly when you need and pay only for the time you use it.

City life

Restaurants, movie theaters, opera house, and art galleries are situated just in 10-15 minutes of driving from Admiralty. Or even less. Regardless you need the restaurant to have dinner with your business partner or want to chill at the end of the day, you’ll find an appropriate place nearby. Those, who find inspiration in contemporary art, would enjoy Studio 83 exposition and several other galleries.

Hotels also provide an excellent level of service here. When your partners will come and stay in the hotels in Hong Kong, the Admiralty district will be a perfect solution. Situated in just a few minutes from office buildings, they help busy people to focus on their tasks during the business trip. And that increases the efficiency of the time spent here.

Registering a company in Hong Kong takes several hours and can be done online. Taxing is also simple enough to be calculated and paid via the Internet. What else do you need? The workplace. Discover office suites and business centers of Admiralty on our website and choose one of them to grow your company in Asia!

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