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Why rent office space in Wan Chai

Wan Chai is an urban zone placed in the western part of Hong Kong Island. Wan Chai region populates over 167.000 inhabitants. Wan Chai is a unique blend of business environment, shopping areas, and entertainment hubs. In the early years, Wan Chai homed numerous Chinese fisherman. Nowadays Wan Chai is a prominent commercial hub with vast office lease options. Besides, Wan Chai headquarters Immigration and Police departments of Hong Kong. The district of Wan Chai includes office complexes, park zones, vast accommodations and exhibition hub. In addition, Wan Chai is a leading center of cultural establishments in Hong Kong. Such institutions as the French Alliance Francaise, German Goethe-Institut, and the British Council are headquartered in the city. Furthermore, Wan Chai is significant performance and cultural area. It hosts numerous global trading fairs and technology exhibitions.

The city of temples and playgrounds

Wan Chai is abundant in the temple complexes. Among them isthe Hung Shing Temple splendidly decorated by ceramics on the granite surface. Furthermore, Wan Chai includes vast historical buildings together with modern industrial objects and office high-rises. Moreover, Central Plaza settled in Wan Chai takes the third place as the tallest Hong Kong’s skyscraper. The architectural style of the complexes varies from the Chinese decorations to neoclassical architecture and Bauhaus manner. At the same time, the significant feature of Wan Chai is the Southorn Playground – acore center of social activity. In the early times, this playground had been used by workers waiting for job offers. Nowadays the stadium is a favorite spot to play chess, football, and basketball.

Office lease in the business centers of Wan Chai

Hong Kong is a prominent collaboration area for the vast number of companies. Therefore office lease demand rises rapidly in Wan Chai. Numerous business centers offer flexible renting opportunities. Broad grade A office buildings include high-speed lifting system,  fully equipped meeting rooms, virtual offices, proper connection with transport facilities.

Investment initiatives

The government has launched a series of renewal projects in order to modernize the old complexes of Wan Chai. Due to the revitalization initiative, some historic urban buildings will be revamped into modern venue for public leisure, cultural and creative industries. Following the reclamation project, new space will be released so that new complexes will be constructed. Newly emerged areas are provided for the governmental offices, shopping areas, and retail purposes. Besides the increase of the office lease and real-property purchases are expected. In Addition, the costs paid for the Chail MTR station improvements have made the subway service convenient transportation mode ofthe district.


Wan Chai provides well-planned transport links with central, western and eastern zones of Hong Kong Island. Transport modes are properly equipped and ensure efficient and rapid commuting. Public transport amenities include bus and tram network, subway connection. Besides, it is possible to use inexpensive ferry commuting service, taxis, and minibuses.

Shopping and accommodation

The two main streets of Wan Chai propose a vast number of clothing shops, boutiques with furniture and decor items, grocery stores, unique toy shops. Numerous restaurants and fast-foods venues provide diverse dining options. The luxury 5-stars hotels can be found in the proximity to the core landmarks of the district. To add more, numerous affordable accommodations highlight the coziness of Hong Kong’s culture. After all, being shown in the movie “The World of Suzie Wong,” Wan Chai is itself a movie-star.

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