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Premium Partner

As ”Premium Partner” with, you as a provider help to show our thousands of users that we have a long-term and profitable cooperation, which gives our providers more qualified leads while helping our many users to find the location they want and need.

We have cooperated with several of our partners for many years and hence we know from experience that we can vouch for the locations they offer, and that our users can trust that everything is handled in a professional manner, from the first moment of contact to long after the lease has been signed.

This is how MatchOffice’s partner badge will appear on your ads, on our list views

What do you get as Premium Partner?

When you are a Premium Partner with you obtain several advantages which will highlight your locations on our list views.

  • More attention on our list views
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Partner badge on your locations
  • Higher level of trust from our users
  • Receive more qualified leads
  • Show your own clients that you are Premium Partner

What does it cost to be Premium Partner?

It is free to be a Premium Partner with We always conduct a thorough evaluation of you as a provider so we know that we can vouch for the intensified cooperation and that our users are in safe hands.

As Premium Partner with you get extra attention to your locations which can result in more and better qualified leads.

What do we require in return?

As Premium Partner you get a badge to add to your website so you can show you are proud to cooperate with one of the leading global commercial lease portals.

When you insert the badge on your website it not only strengthens our cooperation but additionally increases the opportunity of us being able to send you far more qualified leads, because your clients more effortlessly will be able to find your locations.

Partner badge

This is how MatchOffice’s partner badge will appear on your website

Becoming Premium Partner

Are you interested in becoming Premium Partner with then send us an e-mail to and we will assist you in the process of becoming Premium Partner.